I am Cedric MAZET, PhD, temporary teaching and research fellow at AMU’s math department from Sept. 2022 to October 2024. My thesis was produced under the direction of Professor Xavier Roulleau at AMU‘s doctoral school of Mathematics & Computer Science.

My research focuses on putting solutions from computer science at the service of pure mathematics. The purpose of this effort consists in solving problems involving highly advanced mathematical material, which may seem, at first glance, beyond the reach of any possibility of computer-based handling. Additional information about my PhD thesis

A computer-based algorithmic approach
to the study of automorphism groups,
orbits of smooth rational curves,
unirationality & projective models
of K3 surfaces

is available on the online platform


dedicated to the content produced during my doctoral studies. The completion of this PhD project, which largely builds on the work of Professor Ichiro Shimada, the founding father of the computer-based algorithmic approach to the study of $K3$ surfaces, resulted in the production of various solutions at the frontier between pure mathematics and computer science. From classical algebraic geometry to parallel (CPU, GPU) and distributed computing with the deployment of solutions over a cloud infrastructure, I took advantage of many modern tools and techniques to fulfill the objectives and goals of this doctoral project.

This approach enabled me to solve problems and get answers to questions so far open.
At the same time, I did my best to establish a solid bridgehead toward new developments in a land where everything is still to be built.

None of this would have been possible without Xavier Roulleau. I was fortunate to benefit from his ideas, guidance and expertise which enabled me to overcome any obstacle.

I also want to express my profound gratitude to the reviewers of my thesis,

Alice Garbagnati and Davide Cesare Veniani

for their work, time and feedback.